Before the 20th Century

As far back as we know the history of Château de Luins, it was always used as a wine-growing - and agricultural - estate until the beginning of the 20th century.
Over the centuries, the building has passed into the hands of various large seigniorial families - each leaving a trace, particularly in the architecture of the building. At the beginning of the 17th century, the former feudal house was rebuilt by the families of Wurstemberger and Wyttenbach, whose coat of arms is engraved on a door inside the castle below the date 1612.
In the 18th century, the residence was successively acquired by Jacques de Pourtalès, a Count of Neuchâtel, then by a French Count, de Ganay. Before becoming a heir until 1909.


Following an Inheritance...

The estate is separate from all the properties that included the Château de Luins, the Grande ferme de Luins, the Sarreaux-Dessus property and the Maison Neuve de Begnins. Hermann Trüssel, a Bernese wine merchant and ancestor of the current owners, bought Château de Luins and its vineyards and began to enclave, vinify and market the harvest himself.


Modernization of the Harvest

The 1962 harvest was the last year of use of the six vertical presses with palanches, now antiques that enhance the charm of the place. The following year a horizontal press appears to facilitate the work. The harvest of the grapes is done by hand and is brought by tractor to the press, maintaining the tradition and guaranteeing maximum sorting.


Rebirth of the wood oven

From 2013, a group of friends of the Château de Luins will meet and undertake the restoration of the bread oven. Since then, the oven has been used every week by a retired baker who prepares and sells his bread directly at the Château. All visitors are welcome to enjoy these delicious preparations with a glass of wine. From this, the “Tuesday Aperitif” was born, where it is nice to meet for a moment out of time.



Passed down from generation to generation, the estate has been owned by Esther and Rémi Baechtold since 1984. To this day, their son, Laurent Baechtold, manages the production of wine and the events that mark the life of the Château.


Our Wine today

The particularity of Château de Luins wines lies in their conservation. More precisely for out Chasselas – a grape variety known for being tasted at a young age – we vinify it so that it can be enjoyed several years after bottling.